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Geometric Topology Fair in Korea is an annual conference series encompassing geometric topology, geometric group theory and dynamics. It focuses on interactions between geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. The mini courses are particularly aimed at graduate students and early career researchers.





  • Fujiwara, Koji (Kyoto University), Contracting geodesics and acylindrical actions
  • Wilton, Henry (University of Cambridge), Profinite completions of 3-manifold groups

Research Talks

  • Kim, Sungwoon (KIAS), Simplicial volume, Barycenter method and Bounded cohomology
  • Kuessner, Thilo (KIAS), Chern-Simons invariants of 3-manifold groups in SL(4,R)
  • Kwon, Sanghoon (Seoul National University), Effective Mixing and Counting in Trees
  • Ohshika, Ken'ichi (Osaka University), Accumulation of closed 3-manifolds within character varieties


Geometry on Groups and Spaces (ICM satellite)

Plenary Talks

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  • Michelle Bucher-Karlsson (Université de Genève), Volume and characteristic numbers of representations of hyperbolic manifolds (video missing)

Long Sessions

  • Thierry Barbot (Avignon), Construction of flat spacetimes in expansion with particles
  • Ara Basmajian (City Univ. of New York), Hyperbolic surface identities
  • Suhyoung Choi (KAIST), The convex real projective orbifolds with radial or totally geodesic ends: The closedness and openness of deformations
  • Francois Dahmani (Institut Fourier, Grenoble), Conjugacy problem for some automorphisms of free groups
  • Pallavi Dani (Louisiana State), Quasi-isometry and commensurability for right-angled Coxeter groups
  • Sergio Fenley (Florida State Univ), Closed orbits of pseudo-Anosov flows: cardinality and length growth
  • Daniel Groves (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago), The Malnormal Special Quotient Theorem
  • Martin Kassabov (Cornell), Hopf algebras and invariants of the Johnson cockerel
  • Fanny Kassel (CNRS & Universite Lille 1), Anosov representations and proper actions
  • Thilo Kuessner (KIAS), Proportionality principle for noncompact manifolds
  • Eiko Kin (Osaka Univ.), Dynamics of the monodromies of the fibrations on the magic 3-manifold
  • Seonhee Lim (Seoul National Univ.), Martin boundary and Brownian motion on hyperbolic manifolds
  • Sara Maloni (Brown), Polyhedra inscribed in quadrics, anti-de Sitter and half-pipe geometry
  • Jason Manning (Cornell), Dehn filling and ends of groups
  • Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza (Memorial), On Subgroups of Non-positively Curved Groups
  • Hiroshige Shiga (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Teichmüller curves and holomorphic maps on Riemann surfaces
  • Stephan Tillmann (The Univ. of Sydney), Thurston norm via Fox calculus
  • Andrey Vesnin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics), On Jorgensen numbers of hyperbolic 3-orbifold groups
  • Henry Wilton (Cambridge), 3-manifolds in random groups
  • Genkai Zhang (Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University), Kähler metric over Hitchin component

Short Sessions

  • Ilesanmi Adeboye (Wesleyan), The Area of Projective Surfaces
  • Juan Alonso (Universidad de la Republica - Uruguay), Measure free factors of free groups
  • Yago Antolin (Vanderbilt), Finite generating sets of relatively hyperbolic groups
  • Lucien Clavier (Cornell), Geometric limits of cyclic subgroups of PSL2(R)
  • Matthew Durham (Univ. Illinois at Chicago), Elliptic Actions on Teichmüller Space
  • Steven Frankel (Yale), Quasigeodesic flows and dynamics at infinity
  • Simion Filip (Univ. of Chicago), Hodge theory and rigidity in Teichmuller dynamics
  • David Hume (Universite Catholique de Louvain), Group approximation in Cayley topology and coarse geometry
  • Woojin Jeon (KIAS), Some applications of Cannon-Thurston map
  • Jingyin Huang (New York Univ.), Quasi-isometry classification of right-angled Artin group with finite outer automorphism group
  • Sungwoon Kim (KIAS), Simplicial volume and its applications
  • Gye-Seon Lee (Univ. of Heidelberg), Andreev’s theorem on projective Coxeter polyhedra
  • HyoWon Park (UNiv. of Utah), A metric on an outer space for 2-dimensional right-angled Artin groups
  • Catherine Pfaff (Universite d'Aix-Marseille), A Dense Geodesic Ray in Certain Subcomplexes of Quotiented Outer Space
  • Jaipong Pradthana (Chiang Mai University), Totally geodesic surfaces in closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Alessandro Sisto (ETH), Bounded cohomology of acylindrically hyperbolic groups
  • Alden Walker (Univ. Chicago), Homologically essential surface subgroups of random groups
  • Maxime Wolff (Paris 6), The modular action on PSL(2,R)-characters in genus two
  • Tengren Zhang (Univ. of Michigan), Degeneration of convex real projective structures on surfaces


Lecture series

  • Mladen Bestvina (University of Utah, USA), The geometry of mapping class groups and Out(Fn)
  • Dave Witte Morris (University of Lethbridge, Canada), Arithmetic subgroups of SL(n,R)
  • Joan Porti (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain), Dynamics at infinity of symmetric spaces

Research talks

  • Delaram Kahrobaei (Graduate Center, CUNY), Polycyclic groups: A Secure Platform for Ko-Lee Protocol
  • Youngju Kim (KIAS), Quasiconformal deformations of Schottky groups in complex hyperbolic space
  • Thilo Kuessner (KIAS), Proportionality principle for simplicial volume
  • Sangyop Lee (Chung-Ang University), Twisted torus knots
  • Jung Hoon Lee (Chonbuk National University), Topologically minimal surfaces
  • Seonhee Lim (Seoul National University), Subword complexity and Sturmian colorings of trees
  • Ken'ichi Ohshika (Osaka U, Japan), Geometric limits and deformation spaces of Kleinian groups
  • Catherine Pfaff (Universite Aix-Marseille, France), Stratifying the set of fully Irreducible elements of Out(Fr)


Lecture Series

  • Michael Davis (Ohio State Univ), Graph products, RACGs and RAAGs
  • Koji Fujiwara (Tohoku Univ), Group actions on quasi-trees
  • Alan Reid (Univ of Texas at Austin), 3-manifold groups, covering spaces and LERF

Research Talks

  • Jinseok Cho (KIAS), Introduction to Kashaev volume conjecture
  • Kanghyun Choi (KAIST), The definability criterion for cocompact convex projective polyhedral reflection groups
  • Stefan Friedl (Univ. of Cologne), Minimal genus surfaces in 4-manifolds with a free circle action
  • Thilo Kuessner (KIAS), Invariants preserved by mutation
  • Sang-hyun Kim (KAIST), Hyperbolic aspects of right-angled Artin groups
  • Taehee Kim (Konkuk Univ.), Knot concordance and invariants from derived covers
  • Sang-Jin Lee (Konkuk Univ.), Braid group of type (de,e,r)
  • Gye-Seon Lee (Seoul National Univ.), Real projective deformations of hyperbolic reflection orbifolds
  • Seonhee Lim (Seoul National Univ.), Ford circles and Farey maps for function field
  • Ken’ichi Ohshika (Osaka University), Actions of isomorphism groups of Heegaard splittings on projective lamination spaces


Lecture Series

  • Danny Calegari (Caltech), Random rigidity in free groups
  • Jason F. Manning (SUNY Buffalo), Recognizing low-dimensional manifold groups
  • Mark V. Sapir (Vanderbilt), Embedding finitely generated groups into finitely presented groups
  • Efim Zelmanov (UC San Diego), Asymptotic group theory - pro-p group; property T and expanders

Research Talks

  • Sungwoon Kim (KIAS), Simplicial volume and bounded group cohomology
  • Sang-hyun Sam Kim (KAIST), Embeddability between right-angled Artin groups
  • Kihyoung Ko (KAIST), Graph braid groups: its 10 year history
  • Donghi Lee (Pusan National University), Combinatorial group theory applied to 2-bridge link groups
  • Seonhee Lim (Seoul National University), Commensurizer group and its growth